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Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

Wedding and Honeymoon
Ever since the times of the British, Mussoorie has been a haven for romance and gaiety. In fact it was termed as the romance capital of the country. Till date Mussoorie is one preferred destination among honeymooners from all over India as they are taken over by the utmost beauty and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ surroundings of the Queen of the hills. The very serene air of Mussoorie gets intoxicated with fresh bridal fragrance during honeymoon season. Some of the hotels also offer special honeymoon packages which these newlywed couples find very lucrative. Owing to its serenity, Mussoorie is fast emerging as a most preferred station for destination wedding. Following is a brief description of the honeymoon season in the Queen of the hills.

Love is in the air, in the very air of Mussoorie, which compels the shivering newlywed couples on honeymoon, to come closer. The matrimonial extravaganza continues privately between the honeymooners on the empty mall road, on cycle rickshaws, on pedal boats, on quiet benches beside a popcorn seller and inside the suits of hotels. The otherwise empty streets of Mussoorie is strolled by newlywed couples, walking holding hands in their finery. The dry breeze turns moist with fresh bridal fragrance and the silence is broken by the mixed rhythms of high heels and silver anklets. Most of the honeymoon couples give good business to hosiery outlets.A bit of woollen and a lot of togetherness is enough for these love birds to sit for hours in any of the benches on the mall road just to witness the phenomenal sunset. The evening adorns the Queen of the hills with red hue as if celebrating the colours of the eternal Bride. As the night approaches, the tempting aroma of hot steamy momos and coffee pulls the couple inside the cosy eateries. Since it is not the usual peak tourist term in Mussoorie during honeymoon season, most of the hotels have plentiful vacancy with special honeymoon packages which these couples find welcoming. And unlike all other good things that come to an end by the end of the day, it just gets started in the romantic nights of the Queen of the hills.