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Sir George Everest House

Mussoorie has the honor of being the residence and observatory of Sir George Everest who lived in the Park Estatenear Haathipaon.Sir Everest was here as one of the Surveyor Generals and contributed the most to the world of trigonometry staying at the Park Estate.The Everest House, on the edge of the vast flat grassland, stands majestically atop a cliff providing an excellent view of the great Himalayasin the north and the vast stretch of the Doonvalley in the South. Over the past few years, the picnic n’ peace seeking Tibetans of Mussoorie and the nearby areas have adorned the Everest House vicinity with a number of colored Tharchuk (praying flags) adding to the beauty and air of the otherwise silent zone. The hushed zone speaks of itself under the moonlit nights and listens to the believer in moonless starlit phases (Click on ‘Food, Wine and nightlife’to read more). The Estate and the vicinity is one of the most sought after locations among film makers.