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Jharipaani Falls

A hidden waterfall amidst absolute wilderness, Jharipaani Fallsis one of the less explored wonders in the suburbs of mussoorie. A walk on the narrow jungle track through the thickly wooded canopy adds to the whole adventure leading to this 30 meters cascade. The peculiar location of the fall on a curvy slope makes it invincible till the last step at its base, all the while the fall remains audible yet invisible. The hundred steps on the eastern side of the cliff were laid during the British times for laying the water pipelines and the extremely narrow steps are often trailed by local children as an element of adventure. Jharipaani is a small habitation near the St. Georges College from where the track elopes into the forest of the foothills of the mysterious PariTibba (Fairy hilltop). It is a belief that fairies come to bathe in the invincible falls.