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Company Garden

The soothing climate of the Queen of the Hills prompted Dr. King of the Royal Botanical Garden Calcutta, Dr. Royale of the Saharanpore Botanical Garden and General Biddulf of the Bengal Engineers to establish a branch of the gardens in Mussoorie and the plan was executed in the year 1842 as Company Garden. Presently, the CompanyGarden is managed by the Garden Welfare Association as a tie-up with the Nagar PaalikaParishadMussoorie under the Public Private Partnership scheme. The Company Garden is an ideal spacious zone for picnic amidst the environs which is the coldest in the entire township to the extent that the man-made lake freezes with a thick sheet of ice during winter providing the local children with a ‘gifted’ ice-skating rink. 

The giant wheel in the second lawn was once thronged with hippies as the music system there played Bee Gees, Abba, The Doors, Pink Floyd and the likes upholding the spirit of the character of a hill station.
The garden houses a healthy accumulation of exotic varieties of flowers, cactuses and the rare Gingko Biloba trees (Gingko Biloba is a living fossil). The Garden Welfare Association’s horticulture experts have been successful in propagating more Gingko Biloba saplings from the original tree. Fun rides, boating on artificial lake, cascades and ponds beside the alluring eating joints make it a trip worthwhile.