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Camel’s Back Road

Most of the habitation and the Mall road fall on the south face of the Mussoorie ridge whereas the north face is comparatively less populated. The Camel’s Back road is rather a hushed zone primarily meant for walks and horse- rides. The serpentine road provides an awesome view of the great Himalayas and the hamlets of Jaunpurtribal belt. The road enables a view of a natural rock formation which resembles like a sitting camel, hence the name. An old cemetery guarded by tall deodar on the slopes of the road is the resting ground of great personalities like Sir Henry Bohle, Sir John Mackinnon and Sir John Lang. The HawaGhar on the road, according to a gossip, came to be known as scandal point when a few young officers of the British army were caught making merry with the wives of their seniors. The humble witness of the bygone times still stands strong at one of the most scenically romantic turns of the road. Local boy Vishnu Bhardwaj takes care of a cozy little canteen and a telescope, when not strumming classics and rock on guitar, at the HawaGhar which has been named Bahuguna Park. The otherwise tranquil Camel’s Back Road can turn very busy during summer months when Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh jiMaharaj visits and conducts satsang (religious gatherings) at the NirankariBhawan. On the contrary, a lot of wildlife is spotted on and around the Camel’s Back Road during winter months owing to its proximity to the nearby Bhilaru and Toneta forests.