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Yamuna Bridge

The iron bridge over the gushing Yamuna River marks the border between the Tehri and Dehradun districts of Uttarakhand. A 26 km drive westwards of Mussoorie on the Yamunotrihighway leads to the beautiful valley where Yamuna can be seen in her clearest and vibrant forms. As the cruise winds through the tribal belt of Jaunpur, exhilarating spans through with wooden housed villages, lush agricultural fields and virgin wilderness. The tribal block of Jaunsaar lies across the river. A few small beaches along the riverside provide ideal picnic spots for visitors. Numerous cozy eating joints on either sides of the bridge cater to the commuters en-route. Angling can be enjoyed with a prior permission from the DFO Mussoorie. A few adventure agencies provide rafting on the gradually flowing Yamuna.