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Surkanda Devi Temple

On the highest hilltop aligned with the Mussoorie ridge, Surkanda Devi temple is majestically situated atop 2757m. Surkanda Devi is an incarnation ofGoddess Durga who is revered by the locals as the mother with optimum blessings. Legends often term the temple as a Shaktipeeth where the head of goddess Parvati (Sati) fell after lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra dissected her body into pieces; however, this has not been officially certified. The temple can be reached after a short trek of approx. one kilometer from Kaddukhalwhich is 32 km from Mussoorie on the Chamba highway. Numerous shops with subjects of offering and a number of eating joints throng the base of the climb. The temple site enables an awesome panorama of the great Himalayas towards north and the vast valley towards the south. Navaratra and Ganga Dussera, which is celebrated during the month of June, attracts a number of devotees from near and far towards the ever blessing Surkanda Devi.