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Pari Tibba

PariTibba, or the ‘Fairy hilltop’, is believed to be inhabited by Fairies. As a common Himalayan faith, fairies choose such hilltops as their abode owing to its serenity, floral wealth and remoteness from human habitation. The PariTibba is perched over an isolated hilltop on the eastwardly ridge of the town stretching from the Woodstock School in the North till the Jharipaani falls in the south. People of the nearby villages claim to have known the existence of fairies around the vicinity of the hill. Most of the elders admit that the fairies bathe in the secretly located Jharipaani falls and move around the entire hillside under moonlit nights. The ridge, as seen from the nearby Barlowganj area, appears like a reclining lady which also supports the logic behind the name. However, a day hike through the deodar forest is worth a visit.