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Kempty Falls

A natural waterfall cascading from the height of over 4,500ft cushioning into five cascades, the Kempty Falls is one major tourist attraction which can be reached after a 14 km enchanting drive through the hamlets of Jaunpurtribalarea on the Yamunotri highway.

Sir John Mackinnon, major contributor towards the establishment of Mussoorietownship, developed the site as a picnic spot after he accidently discovered it. The coining of the name often suggests as 'Camp' site for 'Tea' party, but the logic behind naming the falls after the nearby Kimti village sounds more appropriate. However, the village presently is called Kempty village. The Kempty falls remains thronged with tourists as the region encircles numerous natural pools and artificial lakes, fun slides, a rope way and tempting eating joints. An Indian postage stamp was commemorated on Kempty Falls on 3rd October 2003.