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Gun Hill / Rope Way

The Gun Hill is the highest hill point within the townand can be reached by a cable car or after a short trek from Jhulaghar. Gun hill is called so for the fact that during the British times a gun was fired from the top exactly at 12 O’clock to enable people to know its noon. Presently,a number of souvenir shops and eating joints stand on the huge water reservoir which supplies drinking water to the entire township. The ages old pumps down in the valleys of Mussoorie still fetch the water from the local streams to such a height. The tank platform provides a bird’s eye view of the town and an excellent view of the mighty Himalayas in the north and the enticing Doon Valley in the south. The numerous telescope-guys would enable a magnified sight at a minimum charge. A must do at Gun Hill has always been getting photographed in the local pahaari attire. Gunhill is the closest proximity to the natural rock formation which appears as a sitting camel as seen from the Camel’s Back Road.