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Mori is the gateway of the mesmerizing Harkidun Valley which is dominated by the Swargarohinipeak, the Jaundhar glacier and the Bharasu pass that leads to Chitkulin the Sangla valley in the Himachal Pradesh. The Yamuna river valley ends at Nowgaon form where one road diverts to Yamunotriwhile the other enters Purola. Jarmola Dhar, ahead of Purola, is one of the most beautiful pine forested areas in the entire state of Uttarakhand. The whole geography and the feel drastically changes after the Jarmola pass and an amazingly beautiful region, almost a complete new world, follows. This area of Jaunpur is known as Rawaein. This stretch is picturesquely adorned with tiny village houses and a few Van-gujjar (nomadic herdsmen) huts. The downhill route lands at the block of Mori which is the dominion of the Tons Valley. One road goes to Himachal Pradesh via Hanol and Tyuni from the Mori Barrier while the other enters the mesmerizing Harkidun valley, the domain of Duryodhanaand Karna of the epic Mahabharata.

Mori is the vantage point of some of the very less explored hidden wonders of nature that includes high altitude meadows, virgin glaciers, world famous peaks and distinct passes. Legend has it that Duryodhana and Karna of the epic Mahabharata had fallen in love with the beauty of the valley and had spent some time in the area seeking consent from Mahasu Devta. Their temples still dominate the villages of the valley.