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Tibetan Market

After the Chinese occupation of Tibet in the year 1959, the Tibetans migrated to the hills of north India. His Holiness the Dalai Lama along with a number of his natives came to Mussoorie and got settled in the Happy Valley area. The government of India opened a school in Happy Valley for the children of the Tibetan people. Gradually the Tibetan Homes Foundation was established and the Tibetan Homes School was also founded nearby. Most of the Tibetans are business people ever since the Silk route trade times. Eventually, the Tibetan business community exceledas woollen and hosiery marketers and the Nagar PaalikaParishad provided them lanes where they line up theirmake-shift stalls.

The Christ Church road is flanked with one Tibetan market while the other is a few meters ahead beside the Mall Road. The Tibetan market is one sure place for good bargain where the jolly natured Tibetans can be seen convincing the overcrowding customers. When not attending to customers they can be seensipping tea or munching delicious samosa and steamy momos which are supplied by special Tibetan market vendors. A quick bite while strolling in the market is a tempting idea.