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Garhwal Terrace lane

Garhwal Terrace Lane is a tiny marketnear the Garhwal Terrace hotel on the Mall Road.This small market is flanked with shops,on either side of the road,selling fashion garments, woollens, Kashmiri garments, leather goods, paintings, pashmina, rugs and semi-precious stones. The cosy little market is one preferred destination among the locals and the tourists alike for steamy coffee and Maggie and flavoured ice cream softies. This beautiful stretch of the market is bracketed on both ends by two beautiful Jacaranda trees (Jacaranda mimosifolia)thatbloom with gorgeous purple flowers during summer.

The hill side of this area is a visual delight during monsoon with plenty of multicolour Dahlia (Dahlia sambucifolia) infull bloom. The valley side on the other hand offers an awe inspiring sight in nights with the enormouslyglittering Doon valley and the phenomenal Winterline during winter. The vastGarhwal Terrace, which is the Property of the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Hotel, is the vantage point for the valley sight where tourists get themselves photographed. The eastern end of the Garhwal Terrace lane leads to a cluster of a few more shops and a revolving restaurant. Further ahead are the judiciary and the Police Station which are located next to the Jawahar Aquariums where both fresh water and marine fishes are the attraction. The same point leads to the Gun Hill.