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Library bazaar

Library bazaar is the prime bus and taxi terminal points to enter the township of Mussoorie, the other being the Picture Palace end. Library bazaar, locally known as KitaabGhar, is called so after the 1843 established library which is housed on the first floor of the fantastic building. The library happens to be one of the first few libraries in the country.The architectural magnificence of the library building is one fine and well standing reminder of the colonial times when the building housed the famous Savoy Bakery on the ground floor.

The world famous Savoy Hotel, which earlier stood as the Maddock School, was the major nucleus of the vicinity. The Criterion building next to the library building was famous for its bar and the square in the front has witnessed the romance and gaiety of the British era. The band stand opposite to these buildings hosted a live band which ensured some memorable evenings in the Queen of the Hills.Later the band stand canopy was shifted to the Camel’s Back Road and a new one was erected which was gifted to the town by the Maharaja of Kapurthala whose impressive chateau stands on the ridge above the Savoy Hotel. After independence, the Library square was renamed Gandhi Chowk.The square is the junction of the roads leading to the Vincent Hill, to Company Gardens and Kempty Falls and to the Mall Road. The historical Library still exists and caters to members only while the ground alley is lined up with grocery and general stores, toiletries and cosmetic boutiques, hosiery outlets and some tingling bakery vends.

The Library bazaar is cozily cuddled between the Laxmi Narayan temple, the Gurudwara Singh Sabha, the Amania mosqueand the Christ church. The bazaar which stretches further inside the Mall road is famous for some luxury and budget hotels, vegetarian and non-vegetarian serving restaurant and dhabas, fancy showrooms and gift shops and shops catering to daily consumer needs.