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Food, Wine and Nightlife

Unlike other stations where nightlife gets confined in clubs, pubs and discs, the virgin evenings of the Queen of the hills gradually mature into a satisfying night. The Mall Road remains thronged with visitors during peak summer season and as the trend has evolved over the past couple of years a good congregation can be seen on weekendsthroughout the year. The restaurants, ice-cream parlours, tikki-chat vends, pizza and coffee joints, liquor shops, non-vegetarian tandoori corners, paan and cigar cornershukka bars and bars with live music can mostly be seen over crowded. There used to be ball and cabaret nights earlier but time has put a veil on that regal galore. The disc culture thankfully, hasnot been able to stand before the majestic grace of the Queen of the hills.However, some hotels do organize musical nights amidst beer and bonfire only for its guests.Be advised that the outskirts of Mussoorie are perfectly safe and heavenly at nights for a family wine-dine adventure. The sky of the Queen of the Hills adorns the brightest Milky Way and the frequent meteor sights are common. Rare wildlife sight proves a bonus in the nights around the outskirts of Mussoorie.

The night breeze of Mussoorie adorns an intoxicating fragrance laden with the wild herbs and flowers which isconsidered highly therapeutic for mind, body and soul. There are some sites which are believed to be haunted in the night and a venture through such places could be thrilling and exciting. Kindly put off the fire properly, if you set any, before leaving the place and carry back all the garbage to dump in the waste-bins in the town. Most importantly, please drive back easy and responsibly. Furthermore, Mussoorie is surrounded by a mysterious tribal region known asJaunpur-Jaunsaar which is very rich in its unique culture, folklore and cuisine. A night stay inside scented deodar wooden house or to camp in the village side would be an experience of its own kind. Know the culture, savour the homemade grain wine and food, listen to ghost stories around cosy bonfires and relinquish to soul strumming folk music and dance. For assistance and arrangements just click ‘Quick Connect’ or ‘Contact Us’.