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Mussoorie Heritage Centre


Mussoorie Heritage Centre is a private enterprise opened in November 2013, with the objective of showcasing and preserving the Heritage of Mussoorie and the adjoining areas. It archives and displays the historical heritage of Mussoorie from 1814 when the first map of the region was compiled by the Survey of India, till 1959, when HH Dalai Lama built his first colony in Mussoorie. Along with educating and preserving the historical heritage of Mussoorie, it focuses on helping, promoting and developing the indigenous art in the Mussoorie region by providing the local craftsmen with a sales platform. It aims at bringing the local crafts of Mussoorie and the adjoining region at par with the world market The main activities of Mussoorie Heritage Centre are:

• Educating children and student groups about the History of Mussoorie by taking them on Curated walk and talk in the Centre

• Organizing Heritage Walks, so that in the future we can conserve the historical buildings of Mussoorie

• Conducting Bird Watch around Mussoorie, so that through awareness the rich flora and fauna can be preserved

• Conducting talks and involving schools in environmental issues, particularly creating awareness about Waste management in Mussoorie.

The aim is to include the local schools and educational institutes so that in some way we can build a better Mussoorie, and make it a truly world class tourist destination.



Parade Point House, Clock Tower, Landour Bazar


Uttarakhand, India