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Jabarkhet - Nature Reserve

Website - http://www.jabarkhetnature.com/

The primary experience that JNR provides to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural world and make new discoveries that await at every corner. Easy to moderate walking trails will take you to different parts of the Reserve depending on what you are interested in. There is something for everyone – hiking enthusiasts, birdwatchers, nature and landscape photographers, wildlifers, people seeking solitude, peace and quiet, artists, botanists, as well as those interested in learning more about Himalayan flora, fauna, and culture. It is also a great place for children to learn about and explore nature with the help of the maps and field guides that we provide.


Our local guides who are from the area can inform you about the geography, ecology, history and culture of the area. They are also trained birdwatchers and naturalists and will take you on guided nature walks where you can learn about the diversity of flora and fauna, understand wildlife signs and behavior and get information of the many local and medicinal uses of trees, shrubs and herbs found here.


Trails are well-marked on the ground and on the map. The map also describes the unique features of each trail in the different seasons and, used along with the field guides for flowers, trees, shrubs, mushrooms, a visitor can spend several hours seeking out and identifying different facets of nature. The spectacular views of the many ranges of Himalayas and the layers of the Sivaliks and Doon valley will captivate the visitor. It is recommended that if you are not used to walking in the hills on your own, that you take along a local guide. Details of how to arrange your walk can be found in the Activities section of the website.