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The tranquil Jaunsaari hamlet of Chakrata is nestled amidst dense jungle of tall oaks and deodars.Later, during the year 1880, a cantonment was established in Chakrata by Colonel Hume and his fellow officers of the 55th British regiment. Inhabiting a handful population of the native Jaunsaari people, Chakrata is primarily a cantonment where various special training programs of the Indian Army are undertaken. Most of the tough-end commando trainings of the army are synonym with the wilderness and the rugged terrains of Chakrata. The presence of the cantonment board has discouraged any commercialization in Chakrata for good and the virgin tranquility of the interior Himalayan region still beckons here. Very few army settlements, which are masterpieces of colonial architecture, are the only construction in the area beside some local Jaunsaari dwellings. A small slumbering market is often seen with people chit-chatting under lukewarm sun. The central attraction of the serene Chakrata is the Forest Rest House in the wilderness which is one fine colonial building amidst tall deodar and vast lawns. The tariff is quite reasonable provided an advance booking is assured from Kalsi, Dehradun or Mussoorie DFO offices. A vacancy is very hard to find as the Rest House always remain occupy, particularly during the peak summer months. However, there is ample space for camping in the forest where the locals can help in cooking narrating spine chilling folk tales beside the cozy fire. A sound sleep beneath crystal clear night with a much illuminated milky way insures a magnificent panorama of the Mighty Himalayas the next morning. Chakrata can be reached through a bit longer but wider and picturesque route coming from Mussoorie via Yamuna Bridge and the pristine town of Naagthaat.