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www.mussooriehandbook.com is the first ever intensewebsite on Mussoorie and its adjoining regionswith an in-depth pictorial insight on geography, history, general information, tourism (general, pilgrim and adventure), business, culture and heritage, flora and fauna, art and craftand other aspects. This website opens a wider window on Mussoorie and its neighbouring known, lesser known and unexplored destination of tourist interests. www.mussooriehandbook.com, as the name suggests, has been created as a preview for the visitor to have an ease to programme their itinerary and choose the facility of desire and budget thus saving both time and finances. For those who have affection for Mussoorie but live elsewhere in the world, www.mussooriehandbook.com would surely prove an interesting relink. However, the basic idea behind the website is to connect all for the love of Mussoorie and thus promote tourism in and around the region. Although thorough research and efforts have been made to ensure the authenticity of the facts, corrections and suggestion are always welcome.



Sanjay Tamta was born and brought up in Mussoorie where his raising turned out to be a divine love affair with the unmatched beauty and grace of the Queen of the Hills. Owing to his passion for nature and mountains, Sanjay trekked the higher reaches of Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas during graduation years. After advancing in English and History from M.P.G. College Mussoorie, his zeal for writing and photography took him to Delhi where in the year 1998 he joined yatraindia.com (a travel encyclopaedia) as a photojournalist documenting states of Madhya Pradesh (including Chhattisgarh), Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Later, Sanjay began contributing feature as a freelancer for Discover India, India Today Travel Plus, Woman's Era and Alive while his stay in Delhi. But the obsession for the mountains, waterfalls, snow and wilderness beckoned him back to Mussoorie in the year 2003 where he began writing articles, essays and short stories for local magazines and newspapers.Presently, Sanjay is a freelance contributor forThe Times of India,www.mussooriewriters.comand www.mussoorietimes.com (e-NEWS paper-page 5) apart from writing songs, jingles, scripts and making advertisement and documentary films.

Website designed by NeerajRawat :

Neeraj RawatNeeraj Rawat met Sanjay Tamta at yatraindia.com where he joined as a web designer. Their mutual tuning clicked instantly and it has grown even finer over the years. Presently, Neeraj has started his own creative agency named "Highlander Ventures" based in Delhi. Though an artiste at heart, Neeraj has worked with Government as well as Corporates in branding campaign and also has a background in designing. This experience has given him an innate understanding of the needs of corporate and government clients. He has developed Incredible India portal and many more tourism projects as well.

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